The Audi Warranty: Drive with Confidence


With great performance and world-class luxury comes great responsibility – and in this case, the “responsibility” is covered by Audi of America in the form of an outstanding warranty. Nothing beats the feeling driving an Audi Q5 or Audi A3 near Columbia, MD with 100 percent confidence, knowing that the Audi brand has your back.

Audi of America’s new vehicle limited warranty is simple, no frills, easy to understand. For the first four years/50,000 miles, your vehicle is covered. And that’s not all: this warranty also includes Audi 24-hour roadside assistance for four years and a 12-year limited warranty against corrosion perforation. Plus, your first scheduled maintenance service at 10,000 miles/12 months is included too, as is coverage for all Audi vehicle accessories. This is good news for all of our customers who enjoy customizing their Audi automobile.

The Audi brand further sets itself apart from many other automakers by offering customer-focused, prepaid scheduled service plans like Audi Care and Audi Care Select. When you invest in one of these prepaid plans, you stand to reap several lucrative benefits. For example, prepaying your service costs ahead of time helps protect against inflation. Also, our Audi dealers serving College Park, MD can show you how investing in a prepaid scheduled maintenance package will cost you less in the long run than if you bought these services individually.

Audi Care and Audi Care Select also offer non-monetary benefits that are tough to beat. For one, both of these plans are valid at authorized Audi dealers anywhere in the U.S. And of course, only Audi genuine parts are used for all maintenance procedures, installed and serviced by factory-trained technicians. 

Visit our local Audi dealership today and get the coverage your Audi sedan, SUV, or coupe deserves!

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