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Most car owners in and around College Park, MD know the feeling of taking a vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance, only to have the service technician amble into the waiting room and tell you it’s time for new tires. That’s not always the type of expense you plan for, but it definitely is a necessary expense for the safety of you and everyone else who rides in your automobile. The good news is that you don’t have to be surprised by the need for new tires. You can keep an eye on your tires yourself so the cost doesn’t sneak up on you.

First and foremost, you’ll want to keep an eye on the condition of your tread. If tires go “bald,” they no longer can keep traction on the road during slick driving conditions, which is why having the right level of tread on a tire is paramount. How do you know if your tread is at an optimum level? Find a penny and place it into a groove, with Lincoln's head down. If the rubber reaches higher than the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you’re still okay. If the tread doesn’t reach that high, it’s time to consider replacements.

Another thing to consider is the age of a tire. Even if your tread is still okay, the quality of tires decreases with age. No matter how well you maintain or store your Audi Q3 or Audi A4, ten-year-old tires are too old because rubber simply can’t hold up well for that long. Even if they look fine, there could be damage and wear underneath the surface. Our Audi dealership in MD will track the service done to your vehicle in-house, so they can tell you when the time has come for a change, even if you forgot when you last purchased tires.

Audi cars and SUVs hold up exceptionally over time, but all vehicles do eventually need new tires. To learn more, contact us at Audi Silver Spring! We look forward to helping you soon here in our Audi service center in Silver Spring, MD.
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